The team confidently reached the final, where lost to team Juusi Uusipavalniemi in extra-end, 6-7.
As the game progresses the team conceded in the 1-5, but has a very nice came back, confidently taking 3 stones in the sixth, then forcing the opponent to make a tough draw for 1, and in the eighth taking 2 stones, moving the game into extra-end.
In an additional end everything was done in order to steal a victory, and it came down to the very last draw. The team needed a draw right to the button just above the opponent stone, by passing guard, but unfortunately, stone lightly touched the guard.

Team took second place, winning a small prize and gifts.

Finalist photo after the game.

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Adonica | 18.10.2016 | 16:21:39

es una opcion muy respetable y ge.erosanLo que pasa por lo que se oye que no es nada facil conseguirlo por eso la gente se va fuera ha hacerlo 0Vota esta respuesta:

Cayden | 18.10.2016 | 16:16:06

Running as a VP would seem to raise a problem with the 22nd Amemnenedt. If you run as VP you have the potential of becoming president. If you had served one term, not a problem. But if two terms I think you would be prevented from running.

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