From Friday to Sunday in Latvian city Tukums international Summer Curling Tournament Cup 2016 will be held. This tournament will be held for the second time, and the first winners of the tournament was Team MEDVED.
At this time, the team line-up changed, and instead of one of our main players Leo and Pavel, the team completed the Alexander Boyko and Bruno Barzdainis (Latvia). So the team will perform in this line-up: Alexander Orlov (skip), Alexander Boyko, Bruno Barzdainis and Vladimir Yakovlev.
Stand by for our updated, news, and photos! We are coming for Gold!


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Geraldine | 18.10.2016 | 16:07:21

yupp setuju!..makan kat situ laksa & mee karinya veri d sennppap..metghirup kuah hingga titisan terakhir..owhhh mmg sedapppp bangat

Lucinda | 18.10.2016 | 15:53:49

We live in Tega Cay,SC. Moved about two years ago from Bergen County,NJ. Just had a suep.isrrPaid $3.81 to fill up near home and discovered Love’s was selling regular right off I-77 in Fort Mill, about 5 miles away for $3.59 ).

Гость | 13.07.2016 | 15:44:13

Вперед мишки!!!

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