Bears were still able to come and play to Helsinki to play Suomen Cup 2014.
Unfortunately, it is difficult to suddenly turned into this Week-end to find a replacement for Pavel and Anton, who were not able to go. As a result, Veleriy Pecherskiy helped us and join the team.


Started with an easy victory over a Team RILLANDERS, but then hit the team Marcus Sipila, which threw stones fourth Leo Mäkelä. Since then handle them we were not able to. In justification, we can only say that it was the second game in a row from the wheels, following the road of St. Petersburg - Helsinki.

The next day, while still having a chance to qualify in the top eight, played with the team Ellen Vogt, a couple of years ago, is the national team of Finland. All before this game went wrong from the beginning. While driving in Helsinki, got into a small road accident when Finnish driver suddenly decided to turn in reverse. Lost quite a bit of time, but came still too late. As an apology, didn't get pre-game practice and gave up a hammer. As a result in this game much decided the first end, where a few bad shots in a row led to a major defeat, and gave up 4 stones. After this came back only in the second half of the game, and even managed to equalize after 7-th. And in the last end forced Ellen to draw into a 4 feet circle and she made it.

After that we got to the quarterfinals of the group B, where met Team Antilla, where incidentally played with Antonina Krouglova (Sorokina). After the victory, we entice the best player of the opposing team Antonina and ask her to join as in the semifinal against team M-Curling, skipped by Olli Rissanen.

All these days in Helsinki weather were wonderful and the team relax and enjoy in the sun.

Sunday morning and the semi-final against Team M-Curling which is at the same time being the Finish Senior Team, which in April will go to the World Championship in Dumfries, Scotland.

Started taking 1, but then mistake in the second end let Teemu Kausta to play easy draw for 2. However, perfectly played third End again led the Bears ahead. Double take-out and 4 stones on the scoreboard for the MEDVED and a 5-2 lead. After that, the game went already dictation of our team, a very interesting match eventually ended with the victory in the eighth end 8-4.

At 15:00 local time we will play a B-Final.

Team MEDVED after the win in Semifinal!

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wgaqeuigfl | 16.03.2021 | 16:38:46

Muchas gracias. ?Como puedo iniciar sesion?

Макс | 06.04.2014 | 16:07:56

Держитесь там!!Спасибо Тоне за поддержку!Удаче в финальной игре!!Мысленно с Вами!!

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